Month: July 2014

How Fascism Permeates America


As much as we would like to believe that Fascism was defeated in the 40’s, it is still alive. It goes beyond Greece’s Golden Dawn, it goes past Russian Neo-Nazi’s, and it goes even further than France’s National Front. Fascist principals have pervaded every nation it has ever come in contact with. It has changed the way we view government, citizenship, and the definition of ‘Nation’. (more…)


Israel and Palestine: There Will Never Be Peace


In response to a lot of posts and messages around the internet of Arab or Israeli solidarity… I have to just say it: there will never be peace between Israel and Palestine. The conflict will be continuous and will never stop until the power dynamic of the region changes. Current events do not bode well for the future of this region.

You have a super powerful Israel and a dirt poor Palestine. (more…)

The World’s Cheapest Vacation: Why Society Hates Drugs


Drugs are an escape from reality. You don’t need to pack any bags, go to an airport, or interact with anyone. You hardly need money to do them, and by extension, you hardly have to do any productive work to receive them. All you need is $10 and an empty room, then take a small tablet, inhale a few fumes, or eat a couple grams; you’re off to space.

But society doesn’t benefit from this transaction. You don’t buy any products or participate in the social world in any way. Societies hate that. Or, to put it more succinctly, collections of people hate this sort of behavior. Why? (more…)

Turn Off The Air Conditioner



It’s hot right now. Really hot. A kind of muggy, humid, 85 degree hot that persists long into the night. Add to that a 4th story apartment, laced with carpet, and plopped in the middle of a concrete jungle? You have a recipe for an uncomfortable week.

But, as it turns out, this is a weak sort of hardship. It’s the kind of hardship that doesn’t damage you, it steels you. It reminds you to appreciate life if the worst thing going on is some uncomfortable weather. (more…)

What is Fascism? (Without the Spin)


Can We Stop With The B.S. Please?

Fascism has become a catch phrase; a buzz word. When making a case that the government is abusing its power we easily explain it away as Fascism. When we see ultra-nationalist groups prowl the streets of Russia shouting “Russia for Russians!” we call them Fascists.

Fascism has become synonymous with abusive authority, with absolute totalitarian dictatorship, with ruthless oppression, and with genocide. The truth is that today we live amongst modern day Fascists all over the globe from America, to Greece, to Russia, and onwards (to be explored in my next post). (more…)

Why College Isn’t About Education

For most of the western world, college is not about education. It has become a cultural rite of passage. Evidence of this are the astronomical amounts of money spent on college sports, campus housing, beautiful grounds, and superb marketing. Nassau_Hall,_Princeton College is a transition point for dependent teenagers to become independent young adults. It is used to sever the ties between the parent and the child. And it is used by society to ‘mold’ you into what it views as an ideal citizen. Society naturally constructs a set path with which you must follow and college is a missing piece of that pathway to completeness.