Israel and Palestine: There Will Never Be Peace


In response to a lot of posts and messages around the internet of Arab or Israeli solidarity… I have to just say it: there will never be peace between Israel and Palestine. The conflict will be continuous and will never stop until the power dynamic of the region changes. Current events do not bode well for the future of this region.

You have a super powerful Israel and a dirt poor Palestine.

Israel is heavily subsidized by western powers and therefore will never accept any peace from a lesser armed enemy (Palestine) that doesn’t heavily favor… you guessed it: Israel. All regional powers will not accept Israel as a super power of the Middle East. While our Iranian (and Arab) friends have given up the pipedream of defeating Israel militarily, they all have a vested interest in funneling weapons and arms into the armed groups of Palestine to fight Israel by proxy.

As the secular dictatorships of the Middle East crumble into ashes, the replacements are forced to take the position of a staunchly anti-Israeli populace. As a result, unless the West decides to buy loyalty from dictators yet again in the Middle East, the conflict will only escalate. More and more open support for armed Palestinian resistance among regional powers will push Hamas into conflict.

Foreign_relations_of_Israel_Map_July_2011Click to Enlarge: the diplomatic situation for Israel is not bad

The dreams of our oppressed and bewildered Palestinians are irrelevant so long as they focus their woes on Israel instead of on Hamas or armed groups.

As dirt poor Palestine becomes slightly more powerful, Israel will see even more justification for disproportionate responses to provocations. As the clock keeps ticking, Hamas’ support grows ever greater from the local populace each time Israel decides to bomb schools and mosques.

Israel cannot openly annex Palestinian territory, but they can slowly (and illegally) erode upon it. They will build settlements, attempt to geographically isolate, and continue to manipulate the international community who is too focused on the fake nuclear ambitions of Iran.

What will Palestinians do? Well naturally they will make for great documentaries. But as in ages past they will suffer. More than anyone else, they will suffer. Torn between the giants around them, they will continue to be used like pawns on a chess board to settle old scores and to rally support for rulers at home.

In the end; the fighting will continue and people will die. The western world cries about how terrible this conflict is, but is unwilling to stop subsidizing it OR to openly invade one or the other. As time goes on the injustices will only become greater; both sides grow more and more unwilling for any compromise, baring complete annihilation of the other. Every few months of the year we will watch the terrible trauma of war unfold on our 24 hour news cycles. Every year brings with it more gruesome photos, every year brings more death, every year brings more suffering.

Now if Florida wasn’t a swing state… THAT may just change the world. But this post certainly wont.


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  1. You give a balanced and succinct view. I certainly feel for the Palestinian people. I don’t hate either side but it is certainly unbalanced, as Israel is an overpowering force. I don’t blame but neither condone rebel forces trying to fight against Israel. You are right though, in the end, nothing will be accomplished and Israel can and will pound away at the less militarily armed. It’s sad.

    1. Well I think the post comes off as more pro Palestinian, but the fact remains that Israel will not accept any deal which is seen as favorable to the other side. They simply have so much military and economic power they see no point in compromise.The longer peace talks stall the more settlements they can place in Palestinian territory, and then use those very illegal settlements as bargaining-chips years down the road.

      It’s an effective strategy but one that won’t draw much sympathy from me. Especially looking at the death statistics of Israel vs Gaza, pretty unreal.

      And since Hamas is funded by outside actors they will never accept a peace deal of any sort or risk losing everything. If a two state solution ever was put in place Hamas would cease to exist as an organization, it would no longer serve any purpose in the Palestinian political landscape.

      I’ve just grown pretty cynical of all this stuff I guess

      1. Yes, it is a touchy subject. I got a couple of nasty comments on my pro Palestine stance, but I’m not for violence. I just see it as the little guy being bullied. I guess Hamas is shown in the media as the bully and Israel defending itself but they are like David going up against Goliath. Thanks for your clarification. I started to wonder if I was pulling for the wrong side but I am really just for non-violence. It’s hard to see innocent suffer. Maybe you could also write about your take on the Ukraine/Russia situation? Thanks.

      2. The way things are going though, who knows. Day by day Israel’s government is growing more unpopular in the eyes of many throughout the world with its constant attacks on the mainly civilian population of Palestinians and they can only go so far until the tables finally turn & they’ll be rightfully seen as the true bad guys they are in all of this.

        BTW did you hear the report about them attacking a UN building housing Palestinians?

      3. I disagree. The Palestinians and their erstwhile patrons in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, attacked Israel over and over again before there were “occupied territories”. In fact, terrorism of the Jews began before there was a State of Israel (see Haj Amin el Husseini). It’s hatred, pure and simple and it will never end. It’s not just the leadership; 67%of Palestinians support violence against all Jews, anywhere under any circumstances. And the others at best turn a blind eye. Netanyahu knows that any land he cedes just brings these killers closer to Tel Aviv. So, he runs the numbers and figures that maybe 20, 50, 100 Jews killed every year by terrorism if they keep a low simmer on the 67 year war or millions dead eventually if they make “peace”. You cant make peace with someone who will not be happy with anything short of 100% elimination of your side…Rational and informed observers cant think of two equal sides or even a David and a Goliath. It’s more like a serial killer and innocent children with a police officer trying to protect them all.

  2. Being a ‘gentile’, it’s taken me a while to understand the difference between those fellows of the Jewish faith who protest against Israel and those who support Israel. It all comes down to the holy Torah and how people have taken its meanings differently.

    Those who protest against the existence of Israel take it that there will be No home for those of the Jewish faith until their messiah arrives. Those who would kill for Israel think that their messiah has already arrived. It is this latter group who are know in some circles as Zionists and although this division of faith has been going on since the late 1600’s it is only in the past couple of years that this term has been used openly by people on both sides of the argument. Indeed, after the coversion of Shabbetai Zvi to Islam, following the Zionist beliefs was considered bad form…at least until now. (

    1. Actually, there is a third column. Those of us who know there will be no peace because we aren’t supposed to be there, and expect no messiah. Zionists never had a religious agenda, it was all political. It’s a convoluted history, and for the most part, one that completely ignores the actual Torah.

      1. Sad, really. When you get right down to the basics of all our monotheistic beliefs they are based on peace and supporting each other and everything on our tiny world. Muslim, Jew, Christian; we are all the children of Abraham.

      2. “Zionists never had a religious agenda, it was all political. It’s a convoluted history, and for the most part, one that completely ignores the actual Torah.”


  3. It seems to me that if the Palestinians had used the aid they have been given to build a civil society instead of building rockets and tunnels then this discussion would not be necessary.

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