Feminist Faults: Get Over Blogs

feminism-2-e1386764612806Feminism is moving into the mainstream, it is no longer on the fringe. As a result of this, it’s going through the inevitable metamorphosis of actually recruiting ‘fringe supporters’. That is, those people who take extremely moderate political opinions on everything, but at the end of the day will still say “yeah I believe in some of the things feminists fight for.” For any serious ideology, those semi-supporters make up the bulk of membership. These people aren’t going to be protesting for you, donating money to your cause, or even thinking much about it.

But when given the option A or B, where A is loosely feminist and B is not, they’ll vote A. And it’s that kind of support that moves echo-chamber political doctrine (i.e. blog drivel) into the mainstream (unless you can topple the State somehow).

Blogs only speak to zealots, not fringe supporters. Blogs are built to be opinion vessels. There are two methods for serious ideology bloggers to get views, 1. Write a click bait article (a subject line which is provocative, but the author wusses out and doesn’t take a stance) or 2. Go all out and write very strong, hardline views in order to get viewership and clicks.

  1. Click bait hardly work for politics blogs, because people actually end up reading your content (which is a huge bummer for people with no capability for independent thought).
  2. Hardline blogs is what this particular post is all about and are contrary to Feminism’s goals

If you are trying to spread the gospel of Feminism to new adherents, there are a few things that’s probably not a good idea…

  1. Creating a culture of guilt/shame of non-feminists (you are a racist, misogynist, bigot for not being a feminist). http://www.feministezine.com/feminist/modern/WhitePrivilege-MalePrivilege.html
  2. Building an echo chamber where unorthodox opinions are not just shot down (as we would expect), but the character of the argument creator is put into question (you are a racist, you are a bigot, you are a selfish pig). http://feministing.com/2014/05/30/an-open-letter-to-privileged-people-who-play-devils-advocate/
  3. Attempt to assert the moral superiority of feminism by claiming it’s not only our cure to racism, poverty, etc (which isn’t unique, communists have been claiming this for over a hundred years now), but to assert that those who question it’s tenants are racists, bigots, selfish pigs… http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/01/why-our-feminism-must-be-intersectional/ http://www.thejillofalltradesblog.com/2015/04/intersectional-feminism-what-it-is-and-why-its-important.html
  4. See a pattern?

Blogs are a great way to get your gospel out to the internet masses. If I were to peddle a new ideology, I would start the movement through a blog. The downside is when you start to get mainstream attention; blogs have a tendency to skew toward the extremes because extreme opinions build viewership and comments. As a result, those who are not feminists become more extreme parodies of feminism’s enemies; eventually even a commoner isn’t free from the wrath of unfeeling white privilege


“A revolutionary intersectional and coalitional movement is needed today. Central to this coalition must be the attack on racist, capitalist, hetero-patriarchy. The revolutionary status demands intersectional understandings of each and every identity.”


The ruling class of every nation is guilty of its very existence; a powerful sentiment. That greatest irony in this more radical (and typically) atheist feminism is how much of the Judeo-Christian crutch they must lean upon to deliver their argument; it is not the ruling class (as in communism) who bears sin, it’s not even the ruling gender. It is instead a mixture of groups and classes who confer upon themselves any privilege; stemming from any source. So in sum, everyone has it, and everyone is guilty for it. The roots of original sin dig deep.  But who determines what privilege is? Or even, at what degree of severity this privilege exists? The feminist of course.

Rainbow-Background-Best-Friends-ForeverThere is no metric to my oppression but we all must pay penance for it. Feminists find themselves locked into a dangerous paradox of simultaneously identifying an enemy (ignorant heterosexual, libertarian, white males), then claiming that they do not exist. For we are all privileged and thus must repay a blood debt (“this isn’t an oppression Olympics” we are told over and over). As a result, I can argue a white heterosexual male is an oppressed class on equal status to a black, poverty stricken, transsexual. Because the second a feminist starts determining tiers of oppression, is the moment you stop believing in equality of our attention toward suffering. It turns into a ruinous death spiral for argument derailment. You cannot have it both ways, otherwise you must defend the establishment of ‘oppression tiers’. Good luck doing that and still pretending to ‘be sensitive toward all humanity’.

But aside from my small rant, these arguments are never derived through more intellectual papers and feminist articles, but instead through the loud echo chamber of increasingly radical blogs gunning for your clicks.

Let me end with this; I love it when ideologies get radical and contradictory. It’s part of the infectious growth of a movement. I enjoy the click bait articles, the non-sense logic, and the rabble rousing written speeches. That’s all part of testing your intellectual limits; but what it won’t do is progress the movement. It stigmatizes people, galvanizes individuals, and as if the organized left didn’t need another excuse for this, it encourages splintering and infighting.

So stop reading trash, click-bait, feminist blogs.




  1. Feminism does not really exist so much in real life. I have never met one but they are everywhere on the internet trying to rationalize weak ideas that make your eyes roll.

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  3. Yes, it would be nice if those who wrote their “rants” would do a better job. I tend to believe that most ideologies are like Thomas Kinkade paintings, pretty to look at when first glancing and then unrealistic in the most surreal sense. Well, what is ideology without the emotion of past trauma? Your post is well written, I appreciate your efforts.

    1. I am always a big fan of rants; and probably include them to often in my posts. But so long as they are entertaining and not scattered rambling, I find them very enjoyable.

      Thanks for your kind words

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