Everyone Relax; Everything is Changing


In light of the attacks in France and around the world from ISIS it seems necessary to say something, but on this blog I don’t want to repeat myself. The things I’ve said in the past about ISIS I believe are still true and remain even more pertinent now than when they were first written.

That is,

  1. ISIS Will Thrive
  2. Militant Islam Cannot be Destroyed

However a topic not breached yet is the resulting ‘culture war’ and mass migration occurring in Europe. This ties into ISIS and the resulting ‘war’ of Christian Europe vs Muslim Middle East.

Migrants: You Can’t Stop Them

Mass migrations occur with some regularity in history. Either by government action (war, colonization, etc.) or by some natural catastrophe. There are very few places in the world which remain culturally ‘stagnant,’ cultures change or warp over the ensuing decades. This is brought about by immigration or by some greater societal changes. This is especially true when you are a modern powerhouse (America, France, Germany, modern China…) and not a nearly nameless pacific island nation like Tongo.

Cultural change is a human constant and so is mass migration. People are continuously moving from one part of the world to the other and no matter how elaborate of a wall you build, unless you’re willing to mount those walls with machine guns, you will not stop immigration in any significant way.


There has been much talk about the migrations from Europe that America received in the 1800s and early 1900s, and how this seemingly successful experiment is rationale for Syrian refugees today. Thankfully, historical hindsight (say, 100+ years) and a modern politically correct discourse allows us to view these instances with some rose tinted glasses. It was a painful, racially charged, and exploitative period of American history.

But I challenge anyone reading this to find me a period of any nation’s history which isn’t littered with the same atmosphere brought about by our natural inclination to perpetual cultural change.

Human societies are constantly changing, mass migrations do not alter this reality in any significant, holistic sense. We are continuously being warped and changed on our own, tossing in foreigners doesn’t affect the magnitude of these changes; it just shifts the direction.

Culture Wars: We are Always Having Them

So naturally we are afraid of cultural change and we hate unfettered immigration particularly because we have this absurd nation that our ‘culture’ is somehow this comfortable sterile bubble. It is not. In addition I want to say that this is a natural and normal reaction to immigration. We feel threatened by the differing ideological views of these outsiders, which are certain to be radically different from our own sterile bubble of ideological peace and harmony (again, this isn’t true either).


Spoilers: abortion supports will win, sorry.

These culture wars never stop, they just take on a different form. Infusing the American Border States with Mexicans is no different from flooding the American East coast with hordes of uneducated rural Irishmen. The only difference is the pain of the latter experience is long past us, and the pain caused by the former is ongoing.

We view people from the Middle East as radically different from ourselves, in some sense that’s true. In fact, I bet Americans would much rather take another 15,000 Mexican immigrants over just 1,000 Syrian refugees any day. We’re that afraid of their beliefs.

These Syrians have been impacted by their own societies and bring with them ingrained beliefs about how the world works. Very few immigrants desire assimilation. Who would? Who wants to throw away the one thing they’ve known since birth; knowledge of how they believe the world works?

When I watch Fox news and see the rantings of Atheists against Christmas ‘culture’ wars against the apparent Christian majority we learn very little about ourselves and thus change very little in the process. We play by the same rules and behave within the legal and cultural norms of our nation, so nothing really happens. This isn’t a culture war, it’s a cultural softball match.

Culture wars are radical. And radical change requires uncomfortable, dangerous movements. Mass protests by college students against elderly white people during the Vietnam War is a great example of intra-nation culture war. It can be, and has always been, just as brutal as modern culture wars against Muslims in Europe.

If we sit on our hands and seal off our borders, we will have more culture wars, they’ll just be painted with white faces (unless you’re in the south). And if we let in these hordes of Muslims to our paradise, we will indeed have more culture wars, you guessed it, painted black and white.



No matter how much we try and protect ourselves from these ‘others’ migrations, legal or illegal, it will happen. There is no stopping starving families who’ve gambled everything on making it to a new country. The alternative for these people is death.

With violent, dynamic culture wars the societies in question start being tested and questioned. How do they rationalize their violence? How do they justify the ideology they are desperately trying to protect? These are experiences we learn from and can hopefully use to move us forward.

The most dangerous tendency of all is to say that these modern culture wars are unique from our historical experience, they certainly are not; the only difference is the methods in which we use to kill and oppress each other. But beyond all else these culture wars all suffer stark similarities. There are the conservatives (loyalists supporting ‘the way things are’) and liberals (rebels supporting ‘the way things should be’). This dynamic hasn’t changed since the the earliest of civilizations.

It forces government loyalists and protesters alike to justify violence against one another. Ideological conversion takes decades. And it’s constantly happening. We cannot influence how these cultural conflicts will manifest, but we can change how we voice our ideological views when it begins. In that moment real change can take place and people can be influenced by your voice.

So everyone relax, nothing will ever be the same again.




  1. Very true, I like that you don’t just call out any immigration people and say ‘stop being racist,’ that gets tired as well, that achieves nothing.

    Some historical perspective is critical, it’s a shame that the general population lets it wash right off them, but good post!

  2. Personally I genuinely feel that we should be taking care of our own before we can help anyone else to which the “Anti-Immigration” crowd is unfortunately right about albeit for the wrong reasons of course. Also, bombing Syria hasn’t exactly made things better as it played a large role in the resulting influx of refugees (aside from ISIS itself).

    However, as you stated, such a thing can’t be stopped either no matter what we do.

    1. The issue I have with the ‘help our own’ argument is this, at what level do we stop and say okay, we’ve helped our own? Take some general level of economic well-being, everyone has a crap house, bad medical care, and food, is this our baseline? Or do we go further such that everyone gets good medical care, good food, and decent housing?

      Depending on who you talk to you get different answers for what the baseline should be. For what it’s worth, I have recently been on board with Milton Freeman’s recommendation of a ‘minimum income,’ and letting people do what they want with it. So on some level I indeed agree, I just have a lot of issues actually sitting down and defending where we draw that line in the sand and say enough is enough

      1. Also, many of the people who say “help our own first” (not necessarily the commenter above) don’t really care about helping their own, either. It’s just a convenient slogan to ward off the refugees….

        1. Hence, why I said they’re right albeit for the wrong reasons (i.e. I don’t care for the homeless & shit but they just happen to be a convenient scapegoat due to their unfortunate state to justify my bigotry so I’ll use their plight to legitimize it)

    1. Exactly, the current narrative is; let’s keep america the way it is. But here’s the thing, at no point in time will america ever be the same as the point prior to it. We’re constantly changing culturally, economically, racially, everything. In my mind, why not take charge, determine the change our future country is going to endure. Rather than sit in the passenger seat and let it fly past us

      1. The good old days always seem rosy and safe because they are in the past, and we can freeze all the best things about them in our memory. But there hasn’t been a time in our history that wasn’t filled with risk and change. The days we live in now are no different. And thank the gods for that…a world with no change at all would be some kind of artificial utopia from hell.

  3. While I agree with your premise that everything will change anyway, I think you’re being a little naive when it comes to the impact of Islamic invasion/expansionism. Take a look at it both historically and in current times and you may see for yourself how extremely dangerous it is to take laying down. I would kill thousands of these invaders to prevent having sharia imposed on me and mine. I’m an ex-Muslim. I’ve know the hell of living under sharia, and I never want to do it again. You can be relaxed about it if you like, but I’m going to be arming myself to the teeth.

    1. Great, so tell us, how many Muslims would it take for sharia to be imposed in the US? 500? 5,000? 50,000? And that’s assuming you do nothing to disperse, or attempt to convert them. It also assumes every single Muslim you let in wants to live under sharia, which isn’t even true in the greater Muslim world, let alone the Muslims who want to immigrate.

      The point is to take charge of your future. If you are incapable or unwilling to assimilate people who, at their core, want to live in America then why not completely close the border and wait for domestic unrest to ruin your naive and selfish vision of what America should be? Because I can tell you right now that if we went back in a time machine to say the 50s, people would be disgusted with the level of “race mixing” that goes on today. You can’t live in a culturally stagnant box for longer than a few years, it’s impossible.

      1. Multiply your “500? 5,000? 50,000?” by their (stated) breeding programme and if you do the sums, sooner or later they will takeover.

        Dammit—I’ll have to post on this myself. After Christmas … while we still have Christmas …

    2. Couldn’t find a ‘Like’ button for this comment … so take this as a LIKE.

      As a non-violent person I reserve the right to defend myself, and as a pacifist I’d fight like fury to prevent a takeover of my existence by irrational rabid dogs.

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