An Information Age Ideology. Organicism: A Manifesto

A Society in Turmoil

Our society is in a perpetual, chaotic flux. We fear the immigrant, glorify the prosperous, and live in the never ending violent drama; to crush one foe so that three more spring forth. As the population of humanity increases the demand for ever greater resource creation pushes us to either technological advancement or rampant violence. The fantasy of cultural conversion is over, an emerging China and India will not accept western power while their people starve. If we cannot invent our way out of cheaper energy creation, exponentially expanding food needs, and water purification simultaneously, we are doomed toward a future of suffering.

Our World is changing

Cultural conflict against the West is beginning. The hundred year lie of the Liberal has finally shone through, incapable of convincing the foreigner of its secular, materialistic, and hedonistic lifestyle; our welcomed immigrants now flee from Liberalism in droves toward some greater purpose. Our greatest fears are no longer nations, they are ideologues willing to die for a cause antithetical to our own. It is a battle we are losing as each year brings with it more seemingly random acts of violence and destruction.

Never before have the lives of so many individuals been open for all to see. If small town gossip were to be expanded to billions of individuals, you would get a taste for eventual information that social networks will have harvested through willing participants. The internet has begun changing the way humans relate to one another. Now a 13 year old in the United States can speak to a Norwegian, an Indian, and a Nigerian all in the same day; building relationships and warping his perceptions of what it means to be part of a nation. These expanded networks of human connectivity will usher in a new era of collective policing; yielding a safer society.

And yet, we live in a society whose understanding of reality is stuck in the industrial revolution. Our Liberal and Socialist friends promise the same thing, ever expanding material prosperity. Promises of more senseless idols to fill your shelves, it is no wonder that when this economic model collapses our populace flees toward Fascism and Xenophobia. The functional flaw in this model is that we demand ever greater inputs into our market factory to produce the crushing demand of material objects detrimental to our survival. The Liberal will pillaged the planet to satisfy the unending lust of idols.

Our Culture is Perverse

We have reached a point where individuals horde material objects, filling their homes with useless junk in a misguided attempt at either stockpiling ‘value’ or to artificially generate social connection. The philosophy of the materialist Liberals and Socialists yield a predictable result, a society obsessed with material objects and devoid of any greater purpose other than hedonism.

It is our choice to decide if our future will be one of ever greater human achievement toward perpetual self-improvement. We need a future which is devoid of the false mechanical precepts of Liberal and Socialist philosophy; our societies are not mechanical, they are organic. The human propensity for individuality has been proven beyond doubt that the theory of similar inputs yielding harmonious outputs is but a hopeful lie. Our public schools operate on the pretense of a defunct factory; a fitting end for the broken and aged ideologies which gave it birth.

Openness and Connectivity Will Yield Salvation

Our society must embrace and encourage the process of cultural nullification brought about by continuous communication with people we view as ‘outsiders’. It is only through these micro discussions, arguments, and rants that we can hope to assimilate outsiders into the predominate culture.

But this flies in the face of the existing, culturally sensitive Liberal, who preaches ‘understanding’ and ‘open-mindedness’. Cultural open-mindedness is the precursor to masochism, for it generates the result our Liberal desired so much; a failure to convert the ‘oppressed’. Now he may perpetually preach ‘tolerance’ and cut himself with the blade of moral superiority. Let this be seen for what it is, a form of intellectual hedonism.

Censorship in any form is an absolute evil. We must be honest and open about our racist, bigoted, and insensitive opinions. Let our enemies and friends be open about their thoughts so that we may better understand our collective, organic humanity. True conversion requires collective, social oppression.

An Organicist’s Future

The future of our society is one of ever increasing connectivity; fulfilling the innate human desire to build social bonds beyond the scope of the culturally stagnant neighborhood.

Our future is one of increased transparency and the eradication of information asymmetry in all its perverse and corrupted forms. Gone will be the days where seemingly ‘fair’ market trades are made reasonable only by the buyer’s own ignorance of the objective truth.

Our future is saved only by the promises of technological advancement, allowing us to transcend our dependence on ruthless violence to maintain misguided nation state “freedom.” We are slaves to the very ground we walk upon, to the very neighbors we do not understand, and to indifferent forces of nature which massacre millions on a whim.

We are in a desperate struggle to free ourselves of our chains and we are in a race against time lest we eradicate ourselves or descend into chaotic violence. All of humanity is playing the same game; and our children’s lives are not worth the gamble that our team stands triumphant.

Our world is not predated on some class struggle, of the powerful oppressor crushing the weak. It is the story of simultaneous collectives, fueled from varying sizes of humanity from the individual, to the family, to the neighborhood, to the city, to the nation. At each layer we experience different bondage and kinship. A human has no meaning beyond its social connections, for we are social creatures whose very thoughts are derived from the social experience (i.e. language).

The human is not a factory or a machine. Child rearing is not an empirical experiment which behaves toward the laws of physics. Similar cultural environments will never yield similar human ideological views. Therefore we must declare that the human at the instant of birth is an individual, who instantly latches onto its parents and assimilates into a collective. Humans are radical, unpredictable, and in constant genetic flux. At our core we are Organic and thus untamed, it is only through our shared language, our friendships, our families, and our cultural ties that we tame ourselves willingly and find meaning and purpose. It is through these collectives that we become human.


We reject Liberal and Communist authoritarianism; the dream that one individual may decide the ‘correct’ and ‘proper’ philosophical basis for humanity, then to use State violence or ‘tolerance’ to force submission. The future of humanity is inherently a collective, Organic future; which can only be decided by the willing participation of all members of society. The Organicist despises the archaic principals of 19th century ‘leadership,’ a vessel which has so often fallen toward the dark path of violence and oppression.

The Organicist seeks a world beyond democratic mob rule. Our utopia consists of consensus rule. And our government’s creed goes beyond the secular, it strives to rid itself the corruption of cultural taint, to become acultural. It is a caretaker government from its very onset, riding itself of destructive nationalism, religious undertones, and a savage desire to utilize State violence when none is necessary.

We call ourselves Organicists in pursuit of these principals, with the recognition that society must exist to deal with our innate and natural desires, and go beyond them. That is, our propensity toward racism, bigotry, and hedonism. We embrace the chaos which we plunge ourselves within by allowing unfettered communication, but we are united in our struggle toward this perpetual cultural unification via constant social contact. We ‘oppress’ openly and without fear as we strive for the day we may free ourselves from our uncontrollable, inorganic world.

We are slaves of our natural world. So let the animistic nations who surround us concern themselves with the mundane and materialistic, for those who we cannot convince, their fate will remain as predictable as any animal living on this planet; doomed to an endless life of reproduction and death.

The Organicist realizes the stark reality that we are faced with, so join us. Together we can change the world.




  1. It is sad to hear because the summary of our ills is so accurate. I think that, at least for our country there is new hope from China and Russia. To me it is a phase that was always coming; always just a matter of time.

    Go well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ike. The great thing about being human is that there is always hope, always the possibility of a brighter and better tomorrow. I think the moment we give up on that and start fantasizing about how great the past was, then we truly become lost.

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