Treatise on Organicism: Government


Government is in stasis. It is incapable of dealing with a world without physical products to move, without forms to stamp, and without power to abuse. The purpose of 1800s enlightenment government was to tax and regulate produced goods and services, even intellectual property was physical. We now live in an era where goods and services are not physical, they are digital. We must move forward.

Governments were designed to stop theft. Theft is an idea which has remained relevant since the beginnings of human society, but we live in a post theft era. If some random individual chooses to ‘take’ my digital intellectual property and profit from it then we should all recognize that this isn’t stealing, it’s something else. We simply don’t have a word for the action. Another person ‘taking’ my digital goods doesn’t deprive me of them, they simply have a copy. We need a new language and new words for the frontier of information exchange that we are embarking on.

Therefore Organicism calls for a new era of government which has moved beyond theft and entered this new digital frontier. Organicism is focused on the fundamental truth of governance, it is a collective effort.

Organic Governance

We all have laws which we live by but never follow. I had a teacher at Community College who referred to these gems as “gentlemen’s crimes.” Essentially, it is technically criminal activity you can engage in, admit to, and still be considered a gentlemen by your peers. When I drive on the freeway I almost always speed and so does everyone else.  Therefore speeding is a gentlemen’s crime. Speeding is a nearly unenforceable law, we simply don’t have the man power or desire or money to police every street in a given nation at any time.

Furthermore, it would be inefficient to govern as if we live in a replica of 1984 where every street has cameras on it. That is a 1940s solution to a 21st century problem, if society is a collection of individuals working together then what would it say if we had to police our own citizens so closely as to ‘close’ this law breaking activity? We should not live in a police state, context, efficiency, and practicality all matter.

The Organicist desires organic governance, that is, governance which is driven by your greater peers and collections of individuals. An organic government is one which simply ‘works’ without interaction. If you want a driver’s license, there are no forms to fill out, lines to wait in, or absurd processes for information updates. To drive a car you must be qualified. In an Organicist’s world it would be impossible to drive a car unless you had the requisite training. It would be near impossible to get on a subway unless you had a valid ticket. The dream government for an organicist is one which ‘just works,’ as technology and social connectivity improves these farfetched proposals can be a reality.

Of course, people may always find ways to ‘circumvent’ these rules and laws; but let them. Let the damage be done, the oppression be felt, and the collective judgement reign. Our society demands innovation and continuous improvement, breaking the rules in this guise is no longer a revolutionary, illegal act, but a learning opportunity for all. So crush the rebellious, but cherish them as well for they are essential to our future.

Organic governance is a government which is seen as a steward rather than a stern disciplinarian. It cares less about stopping evil and more about funneling it. The purpose of society is to oppress, so let the majority of that oppression come from a more efficient and moral source, your friends, family, and city. If we fall into the trap of believing an elite few hold within themselves Truth (note the capital T, to my friends who read Plato); then why not install an Authoritarian Dictatorship? If we have amongst us some philosopher king who wields absolute, benevolent omniscience; then let this divine god expose them self so that they may rule us with an iron fist.

An Organicists world is a realist one. No such man or woman exists. No such group of men or women exists and they never will. We live in a subjective world; there is no Truth.

Government and Culture

An Organicist government is not secular, it is acultural. That is to mean that it does not propagate or endorse any cultural activity or behavior; it is a funnel for the collective will of its citizens. End tax breaks for the church, remove the legalized institution of marriage, and dismantle that dangerous mixture of ruler and representative. One man or women does not and fundamentally can never represent us as individuals.

Do not oppress culture, it is a reflection of the society and natural inclinations of us all. This is essential data that must never be lost. However, do not support these rituals of oppression with the vanguard of state violence. Let localities celebrate Christmas if they so choose, let entire regions burn a visage of some old pagan god. Let them let loose fireworks on the 4th of July for the archaic rituals of revolutions long past. If men and women choose to form a contract whereby half of one partner’s goods go to the other in the event of death (or divorce), then let it be so! But do not support them with violence and power of the inevitable elite with whom power emanates for this is a root cause of oppression and evil. Culture stems from collections of individuals, from localities and regions, not from our nation’s capital. Let those people speak for themselves.

Let the most pointless oppression of all stem from the most efficient root, your peers.

In this sense an Organicist’s government is at best invisible.


To the Organicist, the eventual economic system it desires is a post work society (post resource scarcity). However, prior to us having the technology and ability to live in such a pristine world we must be practical. First and foremost we are in a race against time to fly above our fatal bonds to the natural world. Therefore, whatever means is the most efficient to make this daring escape must occur. In the short term that means the continuation of whatever economic system the given nation has in place. The great 1900s command and control socialist experiment was a dramatic failure and therefore must be tossed by the wayside as a viable alternative. Modern capitalism, while disastrous for the environment, has a remarkable track record of technological progress, innovation, and greater material wealth. Therefore it must be considered seriously.

Our emphasis must be toward technological progress in three key sectors:

  1. Food production
  2. Water purification
  3. Renewable Energy generation

Those are the number one priorities of any nation, taxation and regulation of other goods/services fall by the wayside as a less important discussion for a later date.

In Closing, Defense

Society does not need nationalism to defend itself. I have a kinship with people who live thousands of miles away; this is brought about by an increasingly connected world. We don’t need flag waving or false promises of heroism to lure people into saving their own way of life. Nationalism is a guise for authority to legitimize itself. The Patriot Act was so called because if you were against it you’re supposedly not a patriot. Organizations across the United States are attempting to legitimize themselves through the near Fascist praise of military service.

Military service is not a glorious occupation, it is an unfortunate, necessary one. We currently allow the State to use military service as a guise for its own legitimacy; this is the path to authoritarianism. Death and destruction is not to be showboated at football events, parades, or high schools. So let the fake, patronizing ‘god bless you for your service’ die. Starting with our government’s artificial endorsement of this oppressive infusion and hopefully trickling down to the citizenry. This essential service is to be respected in silence, it is not a call of duty simulation. Death and slaughter should not be celebrated through the oppression of the State.


**Side Note: There is a slight contradiction with organicist principals (freedom of information, collective ruler ship) and traditional military doctrine. In the near future, strict, authoritarian, secretive leadership for military service will need to continue. This is a question to be addressed later.




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