The Suspension of Disbelief: Bernie Sanders as President


In following the primary campaign of Bernie Sanders I’m surprised by the sheer number of reasonably intelligent people who actually believe that Sanders will win and be the democratic nominee. To say he will become the nominee is laughable, and to claim he has a chance was just as delusional as saying Ron Paul in the 2012 primary season was going to be the nominee. And yet people want to believe this is possible so badly (finally a candidate I believe in!!!) that they’ve weaved themselves in this fake world believing that if X, Y, and Z happen in just the right sequence “sure… yes this is possible!” A probability 0 event is possible, that does not mean it’ll ever happen.

This is all one big self-perpetuating lie

So here’s the deal. Everyone wants everyone else to believe Sanders has a shot. That’s because you need a lot of people to vote for this guy in order to change the Democratic Party to get his policies down the road. In order to do that, you need to swing independents. Well, believe it or not people in this country actually do care about ‘picking the winner’ and choosing the ‘lesser of two evils’. Additionally, most people know that Sanders cannot win, but they don’t want to admit it. If you admit that Sanders can’t win, and your friends who support him start to believe that, then they won’t campaign for him. The less campaigning you do for this guy the less popular support he gets, the less likely his policy platform gets carried over to the next cycle.

Therefore, to support Sanders is to engage in one big cognitive dissonance experiment. He will never win, but you try to convince yourself that it’s possible so that you can trick other people into supporting him. By doing so you hope to get your policies to ‘infect’ the existing status quo. And so the cycle goes. Still don’t believe that this is actually happening? Well, feast your eyes friends.

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Link2: Some Hippy Economist

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This phenomena seems awfully familiar. Any clues who did this last cycle?

Bernie Sanders is simply a ‘liberal’ Ron Paul

The Bernie Sanders campaign is so similar to Ron Paul that it feels like plagiarism to draw the comparison. Both are ideological purists (sanders is a democratic socialist, Paul is a pureblood libertarian). Both of these candidates are polling well in the most out of touch states in the Union (Iowa and New Hampshire). Both candidates are older (by about a decade) than their nearest competitors and have a storied history of being a pure ideological light fighting back against the Federal Government’s supposed corruption and selfishness. They are both old and have voting records which are relatively pure of any… ‘opportunism’.

But most importantly, both do really well with young voters (and thus the internet), and their campaigns have a dramatic fall from grace after the first primary. Look, it’s a long road, with a lot of states in the union who are not as interested in raising up the craziest candidates on the ticket. Does anyone actually remember that our favored religious zealot, you know, the guy who’d like to see America turn into a Christian Iran won the popular vote from Iowa last cycle? Yep, that was Santorum.

In Sum

Look, I disagree with roughly 80% of Bernie Sander’s platform and policies. I have a strong distaste for unions, for giving people free college, for subsidizing stupidity, and for treating the government like a cultural oppression machine. But I’ll be the first to admit that having Sanders on the ticket, whose only competitor is Clinton (rather than Ron Paul who had like 7 other people to compete with) is probably the healthiest thing to happen to the political dialogue of this country in a long time.

I want ideologues to start challenging the assumptions of the very government we have set up. I want people to begin questioning the very axioms we use to justify capitalism, universal rights, the purpose of government, and everything else. I want this to happen because I think it makes people be more honest and open about what they actually believe, rather than picking from Candidate A or B, where the only difference between them is the color of their ‘god bless America’ pin.

But most importantly, I want people to think; just for a second, before they vote. So while Bernie Sanders will definitely lose, he’ll draw it out as long as he can; forcing the media to cover his proposals and arguments for the future of global government. Thanks Bernie, you make politics interesting again; even if you won’t admit that you’re going to lose… hard. (You can hold me to this prediction)



  1. I agree with you, Sanders will not win the nomination let alone the election. Well, you say, that leaves Hilary the winner. I greatly doubt it. I think it fair to say that she should change her campaign slogan to “Hilary for Prison 2016”. If the reports of her errors in administration while Secretary of State are true, and what has leaked out from the FBI investigation, she will be indicted. It is a matter of timing and I would believe that such an indictment will come after all the primaries are over. We are talking a criminal investigation of great magnitude and as such neither Obama nor his career politicians in his administration would survive any attempt to squash that indictment. Besides, there is no love lost between Obama and the Clintons.

    What does that mean for the Democrats? A deal for Hilary, she drops out of the race and politics for the rest of her life. Her delegates are given to Joe Biden when he is drafted during the convention. Bernie never has a chance. Oh, he may be chosen for the VP spot, a harmless enough role for him. John Nance Garner defined the second place position as “Not worth a bucket of warm piss.” But Joe will need the young and stupid voters if he is to win election. It will be a calculated risk whether having Bernie on the ticket for the votes is worth having him in office as a loose cannon.

    And I agree with you that our society, our country must start questioning many of the basic premises we take as true. We stopped allowing a free market economy decades ago and capitalism has become so convoluted as to be almost worthless. We have ourselves to blame because we have begged government to intervene in the affairs of both. NAFTA, unions, multinational corporatism, the FED, and other institutions have destroyed the wealth and health of this country. We worship at the altar of economies of scale, that is, bigger is better in all things. Bernie’s answer to the health care monopoly is a single payer system. Oh good, the healthcare industry gets even more or our money. The idea that a government agency or quasi government agency, for the FED is owned by the banks (all of them) and not by the people, should pursue monetary policies has become untenable. The evidence shows quite clearly that central banks are a hindrance to the normal credit cycles. Our public school districts have become captives of an educational factory system designed to turn out uniform products at an ever increasing cost.

    What I fear is that all this questioning will not happen until things become even worse.

  2. “Look, I disagree with roughly 80% of Bernie Sander’s platform and policies. I have a strong distaste for unions, for giving people free college, for subsidizing stupidity, and for treating the government like a cultural oppression machine.”

    Yeah, I get that. Much of your analysis is correct, our political system is a farce. However, your choices of disagreement, as expressed in that quote above, provides evidence of the fact that you are merely another ideologue pretending objectivity, where in your case it doesn’t exist.

    Then again, Plato, like his mentor Socrates, was just another pretentious philosopher discussing the human condition. Philosophers describe in portentous phrasing, merely the thoughts running through the average human being, as they luxuriate in their evening baths. The difference being, the gullible take the words from these philosophers and think that they are seeing the key to life.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Any post with the tag “opinion” is not me pretending to be objective. There are many posts on this blog which are highly opinionated, the only ones which aren’t would be my fascism and communism posts.

      I also revel in the reality of this all, of course I’m an ideologue! And to be honest, if you get anyone to talk about politics with any depth and then analyze it later. I would challenge you to find someone who isn’t.

  3. Yeah, and we all said the same about Obama in 2008. Americans are always eager for more socialism, so let’s just get it over with and give it to them. It could be a lot of fun — think Greece with colder weather and no soup kitchens. And hot single mothers offering you a blowjob for a few slices of bread!

  4. Hello, thanks for your posts; I enjoy them. I’m on the right, politically speaking. The left just doesn’t feel like home to me – it never has. But there is something about Bernie Sanders that I like. He seems genuine; I can respect that. I like people who stick by their principles, even I think those principles are flawed. I would never vote for him but he seems to be giving lots of people a voice in this country and that’s important. The conversation, I think, is just as important as the end result – and I speak as someone on the other side of the conversation. I’m not trying to be wishy-washy, I just want there to be a more civil kind of discourse in this country.

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