Thank God It’s Trump


From MSNBC, to CNN, to every daily show you can find there is one commonality about Trump; they are all ashamed he’s a presidential candidate. Coworkers, family members, and children around the world are disgusted by his comments, annoyed by his lack of policy, and set aflame by what they hear at rallies. The translation is this, people just really wish the republican field produced a candidate more in line with their own ideology so they can comfortably disagree with their uncle Frank who, last Christmas, proudly proclaimed that he will be “god damned if that liberal scum ruins my country.”

God bless you Tim, we’re all rooting for you here at PlatoShrugs.

Life was much easier when it was center-right and center-left; a gentlemen’s disagreement could be formed over the reality that both candidates are so similar it made little difference who won. But Donald Trump entered the field like a comet pummeling toward the earth. Exploding on the political battleground in spectacular fashion, nothing was off limits. No lewd comment or remark would stick to the master of the one-liner and king of political debate framing. While Romney was burned on a liberal pyre for his 47% comments, Trump shrugs off suggestions by the media of his sexism, racism, and bigotry like a giant annoyed by gnats. So I have to ask, why? And more importantly, how is this possible?

It is now, so close our elections that he burns brightest of all. Like a star in its own death throws, he does only what he knows best. Trump speaks his mind with searing disregard for political norms, or expectations. So while most look on with worry and fear, I stand in awe at a man who has most effectively captured the hearts and minds of poor, white America like never before. And we are better off for it.

Trump Actually Represents His Base

It’s really that simple, Barak Obama did not represent the urban poor blacks, no more than he represented the rural poor blacks. Obama represented educated, middle to upper class African Americans because that’s how he spoke and who he was. An educated man who taught constitutional law before entering politics, he was woefully out of touch with his own ethnic base. However, he benefited from the fact that he was the only African American presidential candidate in history; so they stuck with him.

Paradoxically we would think that Trump would suffer the same problem. Here is a man who was born into wealth, received an elusive amount to get started (apparently around 9 million according to Trump himself). Trump then went on study real estate at the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. From the onset, Trump has always been wealthy. But Trump has been able to speak and frame himself in the exact manner his core base relates to; that is, white males aged 30+ with little to no college education. Trump doesn’t use big words or reference pretentious literature. He speaks simple and doesn’t bother to elaborate.

Trump’s comments have not charmed him to the evangelical voter base, any racial minority group, or women. But the great benefit of Trump’s candidacy is precisely its object refusal to play the political game of ‘finding the middle,’ he has selected a demographic and is sticking with it to the end. This is in contrast to Obama who purposely spoke with eloquence (or, speak ‘white’), or with Hilary who intentionally dresses in a masculine fashion to broaden appeal. Romney was famously lambasted for tinting his skin when courting the Hispanic vote, and blonde hair/blue eyed Trump gets asked how he will cure the racial divide on national television.

Trumps Narrow Support Base Is an Asset

Trump has a narrow band of support within the electorate and for this reason he is allowed to get away with almost anything. Who does he have left to anger? His pitch to garner the black vote is ‘what do you have to lose,’ he wants to deport very Hispanic population who could help him compete in the Sun Belt, and attributes his attitude toward women as locker room talk. But somehow Trump makes it work. Trump’s supporters will never turn on him because never before has uneducated white America had a candidate who expresses their feelings so well.

Tired with the neo-conservative Bush era, pretentious ‘politically correct’ nonsense, fueled by a growing sense of ‘losing’ their hold on America; they have nowhere to turn. Enter a group of Americans who have been talked down to their entire lives by highbrow liberals, their opinions shrugged off as ‘rabble’ and their participation in the politics of this country to be relegated at the state and local level. Shunned from even conservative news outlets like FoxNews, it was with the Tea Party movement that they finally found their venue. Trump speaks the language and correctly underlines their fears, as seen in the recent debates; he frequently eludes attempts to express his own policies and instead outlines three main points in every debate response without fail:

  1. America is in decline
  2. Hilary is a criminal/terrible person
  3. I’m going to make us great again


In the world of politics, truth is relative. To say it’s an objective fact that crime is down nationwide except for a few choice cities is to miss the point entirely. People interpret reality through their ideological glasses, if their entire political world is bent on the fact that America is in decline then the ‘reality’ will warp to this conclusion.

Look, all politicians lie. We want someone to comfort us late at night and tell us what we want to hear. We want a consistent line from our politicians so we can be sure where they stand on issues and how we would expect them to behave in the future. Hilary Clinton lies, Berny Sanders lies and Trump constantly lies during televised debates.

But these lies are essential because they build a narrative. They develop a story of where we are and where the politician believes he can take us. In truth the political world is complicated and no pure ideological framework fits to all the facts, all the time (without some creative reality warping). Trump plays to the innate fears of his base, fueled by the inevitable demographic tidal wave facing white America, he promises to return us to a status now impossible to reclaim; sole world super power.

America is facing a new world with multi-polar power from China, Russia, Brazil, the EU, and the Middle East. Gone are the days when American supremacy was unquestioned but Trump promises to return us to grandeur. I am tired of cowards, of people who are afraid to hear the opinions and beliefs of their countrymen and women. I am sick of people who flee in fear from the arguments of the right and those who play us a long violin at the oppression of the leftist controlled media.

This is our world and this is who lives within it. I am so glad that Trump has come along and revealed how far we have yet to go as a nation, but others are so afraid of this reality that they are too afraid to engage. If hearing the actual opinions of a sizable portion of white America is too difficult to handle then don’t vote. Maybe the most disturbing revelation for the liberals around the US is that Trump actually crosses that forbidden barrier of politics, to actually represent the people who support him.

I for one will never stop looking away from the light, there is too much to learn from a people who are finally able to convey their actual opinions. Every time Trump speaks we are treated to unfiltered ideology from a man who is incapable of manipulating the message. And it’s glorious.

Thank god it’s Trump.



  1. Good Luck. With a Republican controlled Senate and House all your “dreams” should come true. Let’s see who truly profits from this election.

    Swamp = Drained, right? Wall, built? Hillary in Prison?
    Christian values have never shown so brightly.

    Ohhhhhhh it’s all rhetoric now.

    This is the new truth?

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