When The Right Wakes Up, The Left Winces


2% was all it took to swing the election from the inevitable to the improbable. In one corner was a man who spit on Latinos, whose pitch to blacks was “what do you have to lose,” and whose clear misogyny was caught on tape. So against this grand slam of an opponent who do the democrats put up against him? Not a safe, middle of the road candidate like Joe Biden would have been. Nope, it was an epic race between the reviled Hilary Clinton and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. In the end, the most unlikable democratic candidate in recent memory bubbles to the top of the cesspit like an unwanted gas bubble.

The frustration with liberals is a real phenomena, similar to the anger with Mit Romney when he lost to Obama in 2012. Here is a class of wealthy, college educated, ‘enlightened’, and ‘well informed’ individuals whose own sense of superiority was so ingratiating that they could hardly tear themselves away from the sweat aroma of their own shit to realize that they were throwing away an election. The worst candidate in modern political history runs against you, and you lose; all it took was 2%.

The question is, against all the odds and the outrageously narrow pathway Trump needed to win (winning the near 50/50 splits in Flordia and Ohio then turn TWO blue states or pull some hat trick out in the sunbelt), how the fuck did democrats lose? This race was supposed to be a clear win for democrats, a real 56/44 split. But they fucked it up, here’s our take.

Censoring Political Discourse

The modern theory of stopping racism and bigotry in modern political discourse is to eliminate the voice of racists and bigots in this country. Some countries like Germany make it illegal to be a Nazi, in America we have an excellent system of public shame. This worked well until we entered the modern era where this public shame evolved into systematic censorship. Look, destroying racism through silencing the racists was a decent theory, if racists have no venue to proliferate racist comments so the theory goes, then less people would hear these comments and be put under their dark sway. But this theory has one very seriously misunderstood presupposition, that people genuinely aren’t racist. If people aren’t racist (and we are all blank slates at birth waiting for society to imprint us, as most liberals truly believe) then we can socially engineer society to eliminate racism.

But this is wrong. I’m sorry, but everyone is racist and that hasn’t changed. The only thing which has changed is how people express and funnel that racism. The solution to the race question isn’t to silence racists, it’s to have young and old people interact with cultural dissimilars in their every day lives. Through this process of interaction, people of different cultural groups humanize one another and we can move forward.

Liberals are losing the race argument because they are attempting to wrap political discourse (in a free speech society) in this Liberal Ideology security blanket. They say, don’t ‘culturally misappropriate’ a group of people whose color isn’t your own, don’t comment on how affirmative action is fueling racial tension, and completely ignore the opinions of some sizable portion of the nation. Liberals censor white people’s statements on race based on the color of their skin rather than the content of the argument. Internet feminism suffers the same issue and its a destructive cancer which unites opposition. All the sudden you have an entire class of people whose entire ideological view of the world is forcibly censored from the media they used to believe reflected their opinions.

That is dangerous, media needs to be a ‘averaging’ mechanism which feeds to the ideological center of the nation (based on the media’s desire to attract the most viewership and earn money), and the moment you begin manipulating this mechanism to cater to a ‘new center’ which is actually moderate left (masquerading as ‘center’), people feel like aliens in their own nation and we get backlash. So liberals now create the xenophobic, misogynistic, and rose colored ‘back the way things were’ bullshit which is Tump’s Populism.

And it’s all because Liberals are terrified of free and open debate. They are terrified of letting racists say racist things without an immediate voice over from commentators about how wrong racism is. So the modern liberal is locked into two nonsense statements.

  1. People aren’t inherently racist
  2. If racists talk, people will listen and be converted with incredible ease

So the left wing wants us to live in world where we all pretend to be getting along, but in truth Uncle Earl down the street harbors racist sentiments toward Gerald. If racism is truly evil and wrong then Liberals (and the right wing, to be frank) should have no problem combating the arguments whenever they propagate. Let the racist speak so the argument can be refuted. We are not past this stage in our cultural evolution, we need to be constantly refuting the claims of racism and proposing solutions, all the time. Silencing the racist only leads us into a false sense of security, and what’s more, it robs us of the ability to refute arguments. Racism still exists and will likely exist forever but the american left wing is leading the charge to perpetuating this injustice and keeping us from moving forward.

“WhiteLash”: Women and Minorities Apparently Don’t Care (or aren’t liberal)

I have two quotes from CNN as I was watching in utter disbelief on election night. At the start of the night we had Ana Navarro (Conservative Latino talking head) say

“It would be sweet, sweet justice if tonight it was the Latino vote that defeated Donald Trump.” Source

Oh what glorious irony it was that the Latino vote, and their complete disregard for Trumps comments, was what helped him win. Trump in-fact did almost no hispanic outreach and even outright taunted them on numerous occasions, but he still performed better than Mit Romney who worked his ass off in 2012. All the while Hispanic turnout bumped up from a pitiful 10% to a terrible 11%. Seriously, if Trump can’t inspire hispanics to get out to vote, maybe all these self important liberals need to start re-thinking how well they thought they understood their ‘people’. Not very well apparently.

Van Jones (a member of the Obama administration for a time) had a short piece on CNN election night as well attempting to explain why Trump was elected.

“This was a white lash. This was a white lash against a changing country. It was a white lash against a black president in part, and that’s the part where the pain comes, and Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.” Source

The African American vote is almost completely democratic, something like 88% of those who did vote, voted for Clinton. To be fair there are efforts in southern states to suppress turnout (which disproportionately impacts minorities), but something must be said between the turn out from the last cycle and this one. African American turnout took a large hit, something around 10-11% overall.

So our minorities didn’t come out to vote to at least signal that they wanted to stop this racist tyrant who is Trump. How can you claim to understand or feign this fake disgust and terror when your own constituents stay home when it’s been proven, just 4 years ago that they were perfectly capable of voting. What will it take? It seems this deeply ingrained fear isn’t a motivation for minorities to vote against a candidate but something else. I’ll leave the speculation on this point to others.

The net result is that this election is a little bit about white backlash against the ‘politically correct’ blanket being smothered over rural whites, but also a lot about the fact that racial minorities and women simply refused to vote for clinton. Liberals apparently had a poster child for a racist and a mysogonist and STILL were unable to gather any significant voter turnout. College educated white women seemed split on the Trump question, with just 51% voting clinton and 45% voting trump. Women, if they voted in a unified block could run every election (similar to men). But they don’t vote like this, so it makes you wonder when people claim to speak for an entire group of people and end up being so wrong. Because now the media is in a tail spin trying to explain how someone so apparently evil and terrible got elected by the votes of the very minorities and demographics he apparently slandered. Hind sight truly is 20/20 in the world of social science.

Maybe, just maybe, people weren’t convinced that the left wing was the right way to go and that Trump wasn’t the devil incarnate. So they stayed home or split the vote.

Dumbest Kids in the Room: Why Liberals Can’t Unite and Republicans Can

Trump did not campaign on traditional conservative values. That is, Faith, Family, and Country. Trump never served in the US military and very rarely spoke about his faith. He is known to have had affairs and has been divorced numerous times. Whats more, per leaked voice recordings, a un-protestant like sexual drive supposedly exists in his advanced age. Tump did not excite the religious right in America but it didn’t seem to matter, he still pulled Utah and roped in the bible belt.

Leftism_map.gifA nice diagram of the splits existing in the Left wing

Meanwhile liberals are as split as they have ever been, between ‘mainstream’ leftism and the hard European leftism of Bernie Sanders. The issue is best exemplified by Washington State’s third parties. Here you have two socialist parties, the Socialist Workers party and the Socialism & Liberation party. Combined they got around 1.5% of the popular vote, making you wonder two things.

  1. Why are socialists (who are universally unpopular) paying the thousands of dollars necessary to register to run and…
  2. Why are there two socialist parties on the ballot?

I think the reason boils down to this important principal. If the left wing wants to legislate and the right wing wants to remove legislation or keep things the way they are, then there are thousands of paths one can argue to ‘fix Americas schools’ or to ‘close the gap between rich and poor’ but not many ways to say ‘the federal government shouldn’t do this.’

It turns out that once you start advocating government violence to build your Norwegian-Social Democracy Utopia the Anarchist, Trot, Maoist, Stalinist, Christian Democrat, and drugged up kid next door all have completely unique ways of crushing free market capital; so much so that they are willing to remain fragmented and squabble over 1.5% of the vote like children. It is no wonder that the hard left is such a miserable failure in this country, every idiot with a bong and a che shirt has a vitriolic opinion on the most inconsequential policy differences.

In contrast, the right wing from the religious fundamentalists, neoconservatives, and libertarians are concerned with one thing and one thing only, winning. If that means dancing with the enemy for 4 years than so be it, because nothing is worse than another 4 years of democratic control. And it’s that kind of attitude that keeps the right wing having to adapt more liberal stances. Meanwhile, Bernie sanders supporters voted for Trump or stayed home because… fuck Clinton. Well done everyone.

Liberal Hubris: ‘Progressive’ Policies Are NOT Inevitable 

People seem to have this nonsense belief that progressive politics, that is, controls on free market capital, lifting of social controls on sexual behavior, accepting abortion, letting white guilt wash over you like a healing balm of citric acid; is all inevitable. It’s not. You need to convince people, every minute of every day, that you are right and the other side is wrong. You need to target the right wing’s axioms in every attack ad and on every street corner to convince them. Instead we get lazy and pointless arguments like ‘being against gay marriage is on the wrong side of history.’ Here’s an idea, explain why. You aren’t convincing anyone of anything with this lazy bullshit.

This is the real world, you don’t get anything for free, the progressive agenda is not an inevitable wave of freedom and utopia which will just come if you sit on your ass long enough playing video games and smoking weed (like Marx seemed to think with regard to the Socialist take over), it takes action and hard work; but most of all it takes sacrifice (like how Native Americans are attempting to stop an oil pipeline).

The Organized Left: Get Over Yourself

I’ll admit it openly, I didn’t think Trump would win. Not in a million years could I think that the democrats could fuck this up so royally. But the liberal electorate is apparently full of children and selfish idiots who are too busy pontificating on what they would do to set up a ‘fair’ welfare system or universal healthcare rather than taking political power. Liberals see a single deviation in the political pathway that they personally envision toward their government imposed utopia as so caustic that any compromise is grounds for immediate ‘fuck you i’m out.’

You know what the problem with this attitude is? There are literally thousands of these pretentious sub-ideologies in the left wing. It is impossible to satisfy every one of you simultaneously. If you want to sing me a tear felt song over how Bernie was ‘screwed’ out of the nomination because Clinton out played him, then let this be your wake up call. Ron Paul couldn’t lead the republican party no more than Sanders could lead the democrats. Politics has no place for purist ideologues, at the end of the day its expedience, compromise, and working to the center which gets things done. And yeah, the type of people who exhibit those traits have skeletons, but they are the most effective politicians we have (I.E Lyndon Johnson).

Journalists, psychologists, talking heads and bloggers all over are salivating over the attempt at explaining to the world why the left wing lost such a sure bet. Idiot teenagers are storming out of high school classrooms to ‘protest’ and thousands of morons are marching across the country to bitch about the outcome they themselves created due to their inaction. Where was this energy two weeks ago?

I’ll save you all a lot of time on explaining this arcane mystery as to why the left lost, they threw it away.



  1. Agree on pretty much everything except the all people are racist bit, but great post. I think this election had a lot to do with protesting against the current PC SJW outrage culture. I hope the Liberals learn from their mistakes or get used to losing.

    1. Hello,

      I appreciate your comment, I updated the post to include another source and some extra explanation on why I felt the racism question was essential to the post. I’ll explain on this point briefly for you, and others who may be reading these comments and felt my post failed on this point.
      We need to allow people of different opinions to speak openly and freely so we, as a society, are afforded the ability to continually refute them (if they indeed can be refuted). Leftism assumes that people are not innately racist and so, if you silence racists people can’t be convinced to become racists themselves. To them, silencing discussion of something allows for their own ideology to ‘prevail’. I think it just unites opposition.

      I despise all efforts to silence discussion and political argument, no matter how ‘evil’ or ‘terrible’ one group portrays it. I want to know what people think, not live in the dark wondering. I happen to have a higher opinion of every day people with regard to the race question, I don’t think people are that easily convinced and I think most people try treat others decently.

      In addition, it has been my position on this page for a while that the only way to curb our innate racism is to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds in our every day lives. If we don’t do this then other racial and cultural groups become out groups which we can bundle together and treat it as an ‘us’ vs’ them’ situation. The best method to do this is a topic for another time.

      I say people are innately racist due to some prevailing scientific research and theories. Of course, it’s not a 100% sure thing, but it fits my political arguments so I sit with it. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Oh, so the media establishment’s censorship of the truth is what helped Trump win? LOLOLOL

    The only censorship I see is the left censoring the right… otherwise Trump would have won by a landslide.

    Your doublethink would make George Orwell proud, though.

    1. To begin, in politics there is very little ‘truth’. Most of what’s considered truth is an ideological framing. The argument is that the media shifted left in its ideological framing and so alienated vast swaths of the country. So rather than operating as an averaging mechanism it behaved as a conversion mechanism, there is always backlash against this, it’s why Fox News made so much money during the Obama years. Not sure what you are pointing out as double think as you didn’t provide any example of me going the opposite way.

      1. You just run in circles using big words to try and sound smart. There is always truth. Sometimes it is ugly, but the truth is absolute and everything in life is politics. That’s the problem with you nihilists, you can’t see the forest from the trees.

  3. You call this waking up?

    The only people that are truly going to be hurt in the next 4 years are those who voted for Trump thinking he will help them. What has Trump done for anyone outside of himself that he did not benefit from? From Reality TV to President…the future is now.

    Enough with the name calling and pointing fingers, that’s not going to build Organicism faster.

    And since when do populists live in gilded penthouses?

  4. Well-written section on racism and the social justice warriors…

    but when you got into how the left is too fractured (with a mildly inaccurate chart), you lost me. Then you went on to talk shit on anarchists? Nice depth of libertarianism ya got there. Plus you can’t argue against the left on B.S. class division / Frankfurt school brainwashing, then immediately do a 180 and harp on “Boo hoo!!!! you idiots elected a racist.” That’s just “left-libertarian” nonsense. The type of stuff you might hear from an SJW commie with a libertarian boyfriend that taught them how to balance a checkbook (I know people like that, so don’t worry that I am being hyperbolic).

    Take a step back and realize that the same creeps that are attacking liberty and free markets are those same sick perverts, entitled fucks, and control freaks that you so wholeheartedly seek to understand and love.

    That includes the neocons, and fuck you for lumping me in with them. I voted for Trump so neoconservatism would be burned at the stake. Look at him now! He may have a couple neocon fags in petty cabinet positions, but the man is standing up to the intelligence alphabet soup by denying the bullshit Russians-ate-my-homework story. He has said he wants to clean house at these creep fuck neocon-infested lying, spying warmonger complexes. Neocons did not elect Trump, I can guarantee you that. Remember, ohh, nearly all of the Republican fags until they realized he would win? Oh, how they spun on a dime and acquiesced to the will of the people!

    Fuck that, Trump is in office to make as much a fool of you and your neoconservative fake-libertarian “I have no morals but equality” clique as much as he is here to make a fool of the evil collectivist brainwasher hipster borg trash. Have fun the next four years, he won’t exactly be kind to your ilk either.

    Here’s the icing on the cake: the left-libertarian feels like talking shit on stoners. Meanwhile, there are literally tens (if not hundreds) of millions out there, doing far more impressive things than you.

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