Welcome to Plato Shrugs.

Over the years this blog has moved from one with informative articles with some opinions sprinkled in, to the opposite. While all writing is an exercise in vanity, my hope is that these opinions offer a new take on often overdone tales.

Like my friend Plato, I too have an inflated sense of purpose and generated a grand vision of a greater society.Β All I ask is comments are kept civil (no threats, no attacks on character, etc). Following these rules, I allow anyone to comment without moderation to encourage discussion and disagreement.



  1. I like only that you decided to discuss very important topics. However, I think that topic “Don’t Vote” should be replaced by topic “Who should have right to vote.”
    It is also well-known that immigration is the hottest topic in the USA and many other countries today. There are many aspects of this topic that are not discussed by the media. So I suggest this topic.

      1. Perhaps throw your readers a curve ball and educate them on how the United States Constitution does not give anyone the right to vote in a presidential election. Bush vs Gore would be a start for homework. It should certainly open a discussion for your blog.

  2. “ideology without the nonsense” – i congratulate you for your approach. the aim behind writing should be to shed helping light on the complex questions of life and at least not to confuse the readers. clarity and precision of thought must find reflection in the simplicity of language. it is easy to be difficult but difficult to be easy. thanx for appreciating my post. i come from India and would be glad to exchange views and experiences.

  3. Now you’ve got a very interesting blog there! It’s impressive! *time to take a proper look!*

  4. Hi, thank you for following my blog. I respect your opinions and like your style of writing. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Being such a clear writer, I’m flattered that you followed my humble attempt at blogging.

    Just a suggestion on your piece on College/ Education. In Canada, I’m fairly sure you would have used ‘University’ instead of College, as the latter is quite different (more trade oriented) – you may want to clarify this for your international readers. I’ll be re-reading your piece on Fascism to get a better understanding of this topic that seems to be coming back from the dead.


    1. Hi Bob!

      I am flattered by your compliment, thank you very much. As to your suggestion I do agree with you, I’ll see if I can find a good way of implementing that without rewording everything (maybe a footnote of sorts).

  6. Thanks for liking my “Donkey” blog post. You write good stuff. I don’t write much anymore too busy outdoors. m’Anyway.Peace in heaven not on earth,not till we learn to alter that one gene that prohibits humility. ANd it can /has been done individually. It’s the tyrant and sheep gene,mentality that’s hard to alter.

  7. Thank you so much for following my blog! And may I compliment you on organizing your post concepts; might have to steal that style. I enjoy reading other people’s ideologies and observations as long as they represent an authentic view, and thus far I am impressed. Take care and enjoy your day!

  8. “You’re not Fareed Zakaria are you by any chance,” asked ‘ter as he spat out yet another philosopher and continued, “oh, and ta for the follow.”

  9. Well you know what they say don’t ya, 3.2 billion Venusians can’t be wrong!

    Good move sport and thanks for the follow – but don’t you be looking at my arse now!

    Cheers, ‘ter

  10. Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I truly appreciate it. I am now following you also and look forward to getting better acquainted with your work. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you for following my blog, “From the Gross to the Subtle”. It took me a little while to get over here. I was focusing on using my blog for my students; but, there is so much beauty in the blogosphere. I love your sense of humor and l look forward reading more posts. I’m really interested in “Drugs as a Vacation”. That is so eloquent.

  12. I suppose I jumped in at the deep end with your latest article, but it looks like there’s plenty more to read next time I have a free evening πŸ™‚

    1. I try to keep them strictly within 1,000 words for the readers sake. Some times I go over (like this recent one). But I always try to keep it accessible to all audiences!

  13. Hello There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. This is an extremely neatly written article.
    I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your helpful info.
    Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  14. Hi Collectivistduck. Thank you for stopping by my blog, taking a look and then following. I looked around your blog, read some posts, and then your “About” page. I find your articles interesting. I also find your perspective on issues and topics unique. I will definitely be stopping by frequently to read as I did a follow. Thank you so much for the privilege to visit.

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