The Suspension of Disbelief: Bernie Sanders as President


In following the primary campaign of Bernie Sanders I’m surprised by the sheer number of reasonably intelligent people who actually believe that Sanders will win and be the democratic nominee. To say he will become the nominee is laughable, and to claim he has a chance was just as delusional as saying Ron Paul in the 2012 primary season was going to be the nominee. And yet people want to believe this is possible so badly (finally a candidate I believe in!!!) that they’ve weaved themselves in this fake world believing that if X, Y, and Z happen in just the right sequence “sure… yes this is possible!” A probability 0 event is possible, that does not mean it’ll ever happen. (more…)


What is Communism? (Without the Spin)


Baby Boomers: Stop with the BS…

Communism is the most well-known competitor to classical liberalism. As a result, it is no surprise that communism is demonized in classical liberal societies; people don’t want other people trying to drastically change their way of life. We like our lives the way they are. Therefore, like Fascism, there is much hoopla and rabble rousing when Communism gets mentioned at the dinner table. But the rejection is more visceral and raw because Communism is seen as an actual threat, whereas Fascism is seen as a ‘joke’ ideology that no one will legitimately follow. (more…)

Why College Isn’t About Education

For most of the western world, college is not about education. It has become a cultural rite of passage. Evidence of this are the astronomical amounts of money spent on college sports, campus housing, beautiful grounds, and superb marketing. Nassau_Hall,_Princeton College is a transition point for dependent teenagers to become independent young adults. It is used to sever the ties between the parent and the child. And it is used by society to ‘mold’ you into what it views as an ideal citizen. Society naturally constructs a set path with which you must follow and college is a missing piece of that pathway to completeness.