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      1. About your post, Collectivist Duck, of I would guess 15 May 2015 or so: Cue the police. The word refers to the signal for some participant in a play to go on stage. The correct spelling is “cue”. The word Queue or some variant refers to a tail, and to the figurative shape of a line of people, waiting.

  1. I love thoswe icons under want to read more!!! This is fucking awesome!! Where and how could I get that?? It would be so usefull cuz I’m all over the place!! Few subjects but I definitely need to be more able to help the people reading my blog to pic up their next topic. This is the most helpfull widget I’ve seen so far!! You can write me at or …leave a comment on my blog I guess?? Up to you but I’d prefer the email!! more personnal and private!!

  2. Mr Duck, First of all, thank you for the like. Second, you write well and I enjoyed reading several of your articles. Be assured I will read more. Third, since your wish to try and explain the world as you see it, I would like to recommend a couple of books that may assist you in that endeavor. I am a believer in looking at the world from the bottom up. An analogy that comes to mind is today’s automobile. Open the hood and one cannot see very much, thus one simply can’t understand much about the automobile. Political science, economics, even history tend to be top down approaches that distort what they see as society. But if one focuses on the individuals and their actions within small groups one starts to see the patterns that are distorted by assuming the top down terminology is correct. So I recommend a very basic book on the individual: Behaviorism by B.F. Skinner. I am amazed that so much new research in the psychology of behavior and social psychology is reinventing Skinner’s wheel. The second book is: Group Processes: Dynamics Within And Between Groups by Rupert Brown. Brown did the seminal study of what occurs during riots and why. You will find him very interesting reading. The third is Grooming, ?Gossip, And The Evolution Of Language by Robin Dunbar. Dunbar makes a few very critical points about human behavior in terms of basic social behavior and language.
    Thank you for your forebearence

    1. Hi William, thanks for stopping by. When I get some time I’ll check out the books you mention as I do agree that psychology is an important aspect of ideology, many of just don’t want to admit it!

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