Organicism is an ideology created on this blog. The principal tenants are as follows:

  • Humanity is in a crisis on all fronts with particular emphasis on the perversion of modern culture and unsustainable existing human population growth which is outpacing technological progress.
  • Humans are inherently social and naturally produce both dangerous and helpful radicals. It is the goal of society to generate a uniform culture which balances oppression and acceptance to maximize scientific results. This mechanism is made possible by open and honest (non-violent when possible) social interaction.
  • Humans are slaves to the natural world and thus are in a race against time to rise above it (via scientific development). There is heavy emphasis on furthering humanities freedom via technological progress.
  • Culture is an evil which is wholly unnecessary. Through the process of cultural negation (continuous communication and involvement with ‘outgroups’) we can overcome our artificial divisions and violent tendencies.
  • The solution to our woes requires a multi-phased evolution of human development requiring the following:
    • True freedom of information (and the destruction of information asymmetry in all its perverse incarnations).
    • Encouraging intensive human social interaction, beyond regional ties, through any means (social networking in particular).
    • Recognition of humanities innate biological flaws (racism, bigotry, hedonism); which can be overcome only through the process of cultural negation.
    • A dramatic re-understanding of traditional leadership, the true purpose of government power, and much else. With the primary, Utopian aim of installing a consensus society (as opposed to a democratic one).

The ideology will be developed by myself and comments with my readers over the following years. I expect this page to be updated as subjects get fleshed out further (dependent on reader interest). Thanks for reading I appreciate any feedback.


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