Civil Rights

Charity is a Sin


Few acts in our society are sheltered from critical thought more than the modern charity. Every grocery store, coffee shop, and corporate environment attempts to blend charitable giving into its sales pitch to levels more perverse than we’ve ever seen; to consume is to be moral. To work long hours under this company is moral because the company gives to charity. It is OKAY to buy more, because with every purchase you are buying yourself a small piece of a Papal Indulgence of the modern era, a free pass to the gates of cognitive dissonance. (more…)


Protests and Purpose: Baltimore Riots Fail

Harpers_1861_Baltimore_Riot001To be a protester, you admit that you agree with the way the system is currently running. You get your license and block a few highways, wave your signs and go home. Maybe you get really antsy and squat on some nice park for a few months; really determined to make people in power change their ways. But soon enough the riot gear comes out and the State tests just how serious you are about changing things. (more…)