The (not so secret) War Against Coincidence

There is no easier way to drive web traffic (or electoral results) than outrage. Formulating connections between events in real time and how, inexplicably, they prove that The Enemy is out to get you and the only way to save this country is to stand up and fight back against those MARXISTS on capital hill. Similarly we read headlines about how our DEMOCRACY is UNDER THREAT if THE ENEMY gets re-elected again and you better STAND UP against these FASCIST WHITE SUPREMECISTS.

We are living in a world which has democratized sacred information and placed these treasures in the hands of lazy, narcissistic, deeply lonely losers desperate for adulation and love. They thrive in the paradigm of information overload, are complicit in the subtle manipulation of data points which are then senselessly extrapolated to whatever outrageous nonsense they want. We give these people our time and energy for free, who then sell that time to advertisers and around we go. Frankly, who isn’t attracted to taglines like ‘THE ENEMY is trying to control what you believe’? Blogs are the incubators for the mass-media’s strategies and until people start becoming a little more patient and a little less drunk with the ‘educate yourself’ kool-aid, this rampant conspiracy-fueled ‘I see Jesus in my morning pancakes therefore the liberals are going to socialism my breakfast’ will never stop.

We can begin by looking at a nice wordpress blog called FloppingAces. One which has descended into full on, self-righteous wrist slitting. A post begins with a clever tagline like “everything that is happening is intentional” because, why not?

Imagine, if you will, Gavin Newsom, Beto O’Rourke, AOC, and Maxine Waters as Presidents. Imagine Joe Biden staying in office until he dies then a decade after that? Imagine living in a country with no borders with your taxes based on your voting history?  Imagine you have absolutely no power to fight it? It’s not only possible, it is happening.

Yes, just imagine a world where 5 people sit as president and then the current president remains as president forever. Imagine! Envision a country with no borders (a continent? is this a riddle?)! Everything we see in the media, on a blog, in a podcast, some FBI coke raid in Miami is somehow connected and you’re a sheep if you don’t see it. Because if you just squint your eyes and pretend like you’re some 14 year old reading a detective novel called “John Saves America” then you may just convince yourself that this (whatever ‘this’ even is) is all connected to some grand conspiracy.

On one end we are led to believe that democrats and liberals and globalists are hopelessly inept and stupid (they are, after all, liberals!) but then at the same time should understand that these people control the planet and are coordinating thousands of state, local, and federal agencies to initiate a purge of all ‘true’ and ‘loyal’ Americans looking to outsource jobs to China and sell this country piece by piece to the highest bidder. This story is all to familiar because of course it is the same story that existed during the Obama administration, and the Clinton administration.

Free trade and free markets were, not so long ago, the political cure-all. Cut taxes, remove regulation and presto, jobs will appear. But conservatives it seems do not hold so tightly to their indelible beliefs. Much like their aggressive resistance to gay marriage because of the Bible, they were all to willing to throw it away once their leaders said to. Trump walks into office and says that free trade is actually theft and that we are being cheated by buying $1 shirts from Vietnam and China. Behold the unionists political playbook, protectionism, tariffs and xenophobia. Somehow Trump has morphed the republican party into a horseshoe where they are joining hands in the righteous psalm of socialism for all.

It’s obvious why people want to perpetuate this narrative. Urgency drives people into action, it encourages people to get enraged and worked-up so that they are willing to stand in line for hours to vote on a work-day. The fine people at FloppingAces are intentionally or unintentionally stoking the fires of their repeat for Jan 6th. The first casualty in their war of aggression will be that of coincidence.

Nothing, it seems, happens without nefarious reasons these days.

Liberalism in Decline

In Europe, the experiment of multi-culturalism, cooperation, and a shared governing vision for their future is under threat. From Hungary, Poland, to Italy and Brexit, the European Union is increasingly showing its strain and inability to adapt to broad geographical and cultural differences (especially between its northern and southern states).


In Defense of Dave Chappelle: Liberal Fractures

The Netflix comedy special “The Closer” by Dave Chappelle caused something of a stir in the real world (LGBTQ netflix employees are rattling their sabers) and the virtual one (although this is always true). It seems in the flurry of those desperate for clicks, validation, or affirmation of some unique take many are losing sight of what really matters. These faux ‘conversations’ betray a much deeper issue underlying our society: is there any solution to the issues being revealed by societies victims? Dave Chappelle’s broader message is being ignored.


Why aren’t poor Americans more liberal?

Why Conservatives Blame Poverty on the Poor | The New Republic

How is it that in a modern democracy, political movements which are explicitly built on funneling vast quantities of money to the poor are so wildly unpopular among the poor?

Like so many other situations in politics, the modern leftist finds themselves in the uncomfortable situation of proclaiming that societal woe is the net result of Rational Self Interest, and, simultaneously, that people behave against their Rational Self Interest. Let’s dig into that.


After Playing With Fire, Republicans Get Burned

(Photo by Saul LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

It feels a little played out to write on the repercussions of an event that occurred just hours ago, should we echo liberal media which is perpetually aghast that our polarized, radicalized, and violence loving populace took things too far? Or should we posture for increasingly desperate right-wing clicks by downplaying the events of crazed ideologues storming the U.S. legislature in probably the stupidest attempt at a governmental coup in recent memory?

There are no good answers.


The Post Election Narrative

The 2020 election feels very similar to the 2016 election, each gave the sense of a changing wind for the United States. While 2016 was an unambiguous ‘red tide’ purging the supposed taint of long held tradition, bureaucratic reform, and presumptions about statehood; 2020 is shaping up to be a restoration movement in the opposite direction. As I’ve said many times before, the United States is a lost country. Internally divided, easily perturbed, void of purpose, and lacking any ideological vision. But this post isn’t to discuss the issues with America’s parties (see prior posts for that), but instead to talk about the self serving nature of the election narrative as it’s broken through partisan lines. Maybe as a nation we can see through this charade and move past this turmoil with open eyes.


Likely Outcomes: America’s Ideological Future, 2021

The 2020 election remains uncertain. By all accounts, Joe Biden is a clear favorite to win against Donald Trump, maintain house control, and coin flip against controlling the senate. While enough ink has been spilled on the improbable (Trump wins Florida and the remaining rust-belt coin flips), it’s important to prepare for the storm clouds which rest on America’s horizon; a repeat of 2008-2016.


Team Trump and COVID-19: Dumbest Kids in the Room

As far as election narratives go, Trumps approach can be considered erratic at best and inept at worst. The time honored tradition of controlling the media cycle by inventing a new ‘story’ doesn’t work so great when the story you are trying to distract from (poor debate) was actually better than the new story (Trump and something like 30% of his inner circle catch COVID). Back during the 2016 campaign there was a view that Tump was a shrewd manipulator, his public persona was not reflective of his interior views or behaviors. Beneath the barely cognizant policy proposals was the presumed brilliance that built a multi-million dollar empire. With one month until election the timing couldn’t be worse for a nearly irrefutable (and maybe a bit absurd) revelation; Team Trump may just be this inept and the people he decided to surround himself are the dumbest kids in the room.


Dismantling Credibility: Conspiracy and populism

People claim you can’t convince anyone of anything on Facebook. After thinking about it, Facebook seems to do an excellent job at convincing a whole host of people on a great number of topics. From friends to family there is no end to the uncomfortable reality that, when left to our own devices we end up with some pretty wild conclusions about the way the world works. (more…)

Splitting Hairs: Conspiracy, ideology, and fact

The conspiracy theory makes for an amazing blog post because it hits all the check boxes; provocative title, fascinating information, a revelation about how the world works. This is the type of content that gets readers engaged and angry, even better if you can condense it in a .gif so your friends and family can share on Facebook. They will say, wow, here is a writer who has uncovered some dark secret, some perverse revelation about how our society really works. Next we stop to ask a very basic question, “If all this is true, why isn’t anyone talking about this?” And we get an unashamed ideological response every time. Without missing a beat we will be told that yes, the governing mechanism for a worldwide network of scientists claiming the earth is round is the same as that for why airlines are supposedly dumping chemicals into our air. Rational self-interest my friends. “It’s all about money.”